“Lights Up!” — A Variety Show Fundraiser for the SSTC

AUDITIONS: On stage at the State, 1 North State Street (Use Door #7 off the Washington Street parking lot)

  • Tuesday  May 31 at 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday, June 1 at 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, June 4 at noon

PERFORMANCES: Friday–Sunday, July 22–24

This is a variety-style show to raise money for our community theater with singing, acting, comedy, and dancing. Bring sheet music if you have it, or a CD and player or we can provide music for you. Kids and adults welcome! A pianist will be available. Make sure your CD player has batteries as there is no electricity in the theatre now.

You may arrive with ideas for a sketch or song and our staff will help you. If you do not wish to sing a solo or duet, you may audition and we will help you become a part of the “State Street Chorale” (a friendly, non-competitive chorus). If you want to work backstage, come by and volunteer and let our Stage Manager know.

Those of you involved in the Syttende Mai shows in Hanska several years ago will be happy to know that this production will be geared to that type of production.

Summer Opportunities for Kids and Youth

1. “Our Own Gulliver’s Travels: An Original Version” (Age 6 to 18)

August 8–12, 1:00–4:00 pm
– Cost: $50 New Ulm resident, $55 non-resident
– Performance: Friday, August 12, 7:30 pm (admission–free)
– T-shirt included

This workshop allows kids of all experience levels to create their own characters and dialog based on the classic tale by Jonathan Swift of four strange and magical lands. There will be one informal workshop performance. Call New Ulm Park & Recreation for more information and to register, (507) 359-6060.

2. “Honk” Musical Theater Camp (Age 11 to 18)

July 25–29 and August 1–5, 1:00–4:00 pm
– Cost: $75 New Ulm resident, $82.50 non-resident
– Performances: Friday, August 5, 7:30 pm; Saturday August 6, 2:00 pm (admission–free)
– T-shirt included

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