Felix Ungar is a compulsive neatnik who is thrown out of his house by his divorce-bound wife. He wanders aimlessly through the streets of New York City while considering suicide, then shows up at the apartment of his best friend Oscar Madison, a sloppy sportswriter. Worried that Felix will try something desperate, Oscar (himself in the process of divorce) invites Felix to move in with him. Within a few days, the mismatched pair is on the verge of mutual murder: Felix can’t stand Oscar’s slovenliness, while Oscar is driven insane by Felix’s obsession with cleanliness.

A potentially passionate evening with Oscar’s neighbors (the Pigeon sisters) is ruined when Felix reduces the two ladies to tears while ruminating over his wife and children. Pushed to the brink, Oscar stalks around the apartment making a huge mess. At the next week’s poker game, the previously vengeful Oscar is worried that Felix might have attempted to do away with himself again. Instead, a surprisingly self-confident Felix shows up to collect his belongings, then announces that he’s temporarily moving upstairs with the Pigeon sisters!

The popular 1968 movie starred Walter Matthau as Oscar Madison and Jack Lemmon as Felix Ungar.

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