General Audition Information

  1. The State Street Theater Co. (SSTC) conducts open and easy auditions: no parts are precast unless we announce them it in advance. For most shows, all roles are open for all people auditioning. SSTC casts by talent on a production-by-production basis and offers no favors or paybacks.
  2. There is nothing to prepare unless specifically requested. Just take time to fill out the audition sheet carefully. We will take your picture so we can guarantee to know who you are, even if we know you already.
  3. We will teach you what you need to audition and show us your best. Listen carefully to directions and follow them.
  4. Management is looking for talent but also for people who listen, learn, have fun, and follow directions.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear.
  6. For a musical you will be asked to sing. The Vocal Music Director will teach you a song then you present it to the Management. You have time to study it with other people in your vocal range. You carry the music on stage with you. No memorizing!
  7. If this is a non-musical audition, you will be asked to read from the script or improvise a scene. There will be time for you to go into the hall and practice with another person who is auditioning for a different role.
  8. If the production is a musical you might be asked to learn a simple routine with other people who are auditioning. Not all musicals require dancing (choreography).
  9. Parents must accompany their children to auditions and callbacks. The older ones might read from the script but the little ones will not have to read from a script. They will “play” on stage so there are no headaches about kids who cannot read well. If they get roles, parents, the director and other staff will help them with their memorization.
  10. Callbacks are if Management needs to hear, see, or watch for leading roles and how they work, sound, and look together.

You can learn more about upcoming auditions on our Facebook page or by emailing us at