Specific needs of our theater change from performance to performance, but some essentials are permanent.

Here’s a list of items we welcome you to donate.

  1. bookcase (for props, shoes and hats)
  2. clean 1/2″ 4 x 8 plywood sheets
  3. clean 2 x 4s
  4. concert-sized grand piano
  5. small upright piano
  6. curtain and curtain rod
  7. donation in cash or stock
  8. end table
  9. framed artwork
  10. full-length mirror
  11. gift card to Menards or Walmart
  12. phonograph turntable, amp, speakers (to play records)
  13. shelving unit (for props and costumes)
  14. small couch (for green room and dressing area)
  15. vintage radio and television set (wood cabinet)