Lind House Play Reading

The Alice Lind Play Reading Society is named after the former Governor’s wife, Alice Lind, a supporter of social causes and literacy. The Society meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 622 Center Street in New Ulm. Attendance is free.

Volunteers read parts of the evening’s play, and depending on attendance, the lead roles may be read by several people for each act or scene. Persons attending do not have to read or may request smaller roles. Plays selected are great pieces of literature and contain universal truths and/or significant themes, and many have won a Tony, Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.

To make a reservation, leave your name and phone on the State Street voicemail (507) 359-9990, along with how many will be in your party.

For more information, contact Gene Brand (507) 226-3123. To learn more about the Lind House, contact (507) 354-8802. If you would like to be on the monthly mailing list, email us at